Photo by Thet Paing Dwe, Myanmar
"When our students are faced with so many barriers, one resource schools need to offer is hope. I have found that VisionWorkshops is a program that offers hope to our students."

— Dr. Frank Horstman
 (Former) English for Speakers of Other Languages Coordinator
 Anne Arundel County Public Schools
We our PARTNERS and want to work with you! 

For two decades, VisionWorkshops has partnered with a wide variety of organizations to create opportunities for young people within their communities.

Let's work together! Contact us today.    

Ongoing VisionWorkshops Partners:
National Geographic Society
The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission, India
Refugee Youth Project, Baltimore, Maryland 

Teach Her
Equal Access International
Carol M. Jacobsohn Foundation
Waxing Kara

The Charles Crane Family Foundation

Photo by Mel Burford, Washington DC

Partner with Us
We are always looking for support and communities to engage ... here's how ... contact us today!

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