New Regional Program Started

Yesterday, VisionWorkshops began a new regional program, a partnership with the Eastport Elementary Chesapeake Champions – a yearlong education initiative from the Annapolis Maritime Museum for the Title One Extended Day program. “Through three six-week sessions, more than 100 students from Eastport Elementary School are connecting to the environment and culture of the Chesapeake Bay through hands-on, life-changing activities that are a direct application of their school curricula in reading, math, and science.” –

This spring, VisionWorkshops is working with over 40 fifth graders, over 2 sessions, who have already completed a session of Chesapeake Champions. Armed with their new storytelling device, a camera, the students will document their fellow Champions learning about terrapins and oysters, water salinity and how they can help support the Bay.

Each workshop will run for 6 weeks. Check back here for pictures and updates soon.

The Carol M. Jacobsohn Foundation has made the chesapeake Champions photo program possible. The foundation has provided generous support for a partnership between VisionWorkshops and the Annapolis Maritime Museum.

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