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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...  Crossing Borders Baltimore

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch… Crossing Borders Baltimore

While half of our rotating cast of characters, also referred to as volunteers and teaching assistants, were in Chad for National Geographic Photo Camp, the other half remained local to put on yet another successful Crossing Borders- Baltimore. Crossing Borders is our regional initiative to help teens who have immigrated to the US, learn more — Read more…

Giga Who?  Giga What?

Giga Who? Giga What?

GigaPan! Integrating the use of a GigaPan into our programs has yielded some really fantastic results. For those of you out there still scratching your head, GigaPan is not a gigantic frying pan, but an amazing little robot developed by Carnegie Mellon University, with NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group, and a little help from Google. — Read more…

Photo Camp Chad 1

Photo Camp Chad 1

Themes of encouraging cooperation and building community guided the first of our three consecutive Photo Camps in N’Djamena, Chad. Students were assigned to shoot in areas of the city where different examples of those themes could be found and explored. Then our staff led focused group discussions which inspired participants to discover their own unique — Read more…