The Journey Begins

Apollonia photographs during her first assignment.

These students represent an aspect of American culture that is often overlooked or shied away from. This year, we decided to adapt our programming to better fit the needs and the challenges they face. Our thought was that an “adventure photography workshop” approach would be an exciting way to engage and encourage the students to document their experiences through photography. When we left Pine Ridge Reservation on Sunday with a van full of nine bright and bubbly 10-14 year olds, little did we know just how special this camp would be.

Photos by Piper Watson (Staff) VisionWorkshops Pine Ridge

Our journey began with an afternoon spent exploring Wind Cave National Park – the first National Park devoted to a cave. The students had a plethora of opportunities to photograph their first assignment by capturing details both above and below the ground.

Our exploration of Wind Cave descends deeper into the ground.

(By Piper Watson, VisionWorkshops)

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