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NGPC Baltimore Final Show

NGPC Baltimore Final Show

NGPC Baltimore - Finding Home

NGPC Baltimore – Finding Home

Photo Camp Baltimore brought together refugee youth from Burma and Eritrea now residing in a suburb outside of Baltimore, to explore using photography, writing and audio recordings to tell their own stories of what its like to make a new home.  Every evening students brought home cameras and lessons learned at photo camp to capture — Read more…

Faces of Photo Camp - Baltimore

Faces of Photo Camp – Baltimore

A great way to get to know yourself and others is through making portraits.  National Geographic Photo Camp instructors utilize the process of portrait photography as an incredible tool through which students can look at themselves, each other, and the different people they encounter everyday.  Baltimore  students had the opportunity to take studio portraits of — Read more…

National Geographic Photo Camp - Baltimore

National Geographic Photo Camp – Baltimore

Tomorrow Night! NGPC Presents....

Tomorrow Night! NGPC Presents….

Faces of Photo Camp - Doha

Faces of Photo Camp – Doha

  Portraits are such an integral part of story-telling.  Human beings are naturally drawn to portraits where they can regard another human through eye contact, or portraits that illustrate the environment in which a person lives.  Having our students make portraits of themselves, each other, and people they encounter in the environments they experience during — Read more…

Multimedia Monday!

Multimedia Monday!

It is indeed a multimedia world.  A multi-platform, multi-tasking, multi-cultural world.  VisionWorkshops and National Geographic Photo Camp are now frequently being asked by our partners to keep up with that trend and teach our students the tools for expressing their views and themselves  through these media rich outlets.  Given the amount of content that invades our — Read more…

NGPC Doha - Instructor Selects

NGPC Doha – Instructor Selects

National Geographic Photo Camp Doha instructor, Isabelle Carbonell, talks about two of her favorite photos here: I was trying to dig into what I jokingly call my “calling the elephant in the room an elephant” theme, being “Women” in a country which does not represent women on photo or film easily. I did a fashion show for — Read more…

NGPC Doha - Instructor Tyrone Turner's Faves!

NGPC Doha – Instructor Tyrone Turner’s Faves!

We were excited to have Photo Camp – Doha, Lead Instructor and National Geographic photographer Tyrone Turner on board as this was his first Photo Camp experience.  Below he shares his favorite images and critiques. National Geographic Photo Camp Doha / Photo by Khalid Al Ibrahim A strong moment, not only of the sunset and Doha in the — Read more…

Disappearing Islands Photo Camp Exhibit

Disappearing Islands Photo Camp Exhibit

On November 20th, National Geographic Photo Camp exhibited the work of 16 amazing young women from Photo Camp Smith Island 2011 – the first-ever all female Photo Camp, at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.  The opening reception was fantastic, with students, families, and Baltimoreans alike reflecting on the still imagery and multimedia presentation — Read more…

NGPC Philadelphia Continues

NGPC Philadelphia Continues

The first day of a Photo Camp is always jam-packed with getting to know the cameras, each other, and the surroundings.  For staff and students alike it can be a little overwhelming, but day two is always greeted with fresh eyes, bigger smiles, faces more familiar, and the drive to get out and shoot!  We — Read more…

NGPC Philadelphia Begins!

NGPC Philadelphia Begins!

In partnership with The Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia and Drexel University, 22 middle-school and high-school aged students had the opportunity last weekend to obtain a unique perspective of Philadelphia during National Geographic Photo Camp Philadelphia. From October 7 – 10, 2011, these youth learned tools of photojournalism to tell the story of different Philadelphia neighborhoods, culminating — Read more…

National Geographic Photo Camp - Smith Island

National Geographic Photo Camp – Smith Island

Last month, NGPC conducted it’s first ever all-female Photo Camp with 12 girls from the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women. Four students from VisionWorkshops’ Crossing Borders program, girls from Iraq and Nepal, accompanied the group as team leaders for the younger girls, new to this type of photographic story-telling program. Their task was to — Read more…