Slow Down

Day three of our photography workshop with the kids from Pine Ridge, afforded us the opportunity to slow the pace and enjoy our surroundings. Rockin’ R Ranch were our hosts for morning trail riding and the students were tasked to photograph ‘action’ for our lesson.

Photos by Piper Watson (Staff) VisionWorkshops Pine Ridge

While many of the students were seasoned riders, and were a little disgruntled not to be galloping right out of the corral, two of our teaching assistants were first-timers and appreciated the leisurely amble through the Black Hills.

Later in the evening, putting together photo albums, the students wrote about their experiences with us. One student quoted another for saying, “slow down if you want to live!” Apparently she was scurrying up the rock climbing route rather swiftly, but it struck me as ironic that those words of fear from this particular teenage girl, in a different context, were actually great words of wisdom. Slow down, take stock in your surroundings, and enjoy the moment if you want to truly live.

Again, we were reminded that a change in perspective from hopeless to hopeful could be the exact solution that is needed. Furthermore, slowing down to see the beauty in any situation, which at the moment happened to be filled with wild flowers and the sound of swishing horse tails, could very well be the difference between living a life full of meaning and not.

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