Photo Camp at FotoWeek DC


The National Geographic Photo Camp exhibit showcases youths’ perspectives on the 2008 Photo Camp overarching theme of conservation, the environment and connecting to the landscape. As a domestic and international program, National Geographic Photo Camp’s exhibit will include work from Bronx, New York; Santa Monica, California; Port Isobel and Tangier Islands on the Chesapeake Bay; Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota; Earth University in Costa Rica; the Appalachian Trail in Virginia; Taos, New Mexico; Vinalhaven and North Haven Islands, Maine.

The exhibition was in coordination with FotoWeek DC. About 100 people visited the gallery at the opening reception on November 15th. The exhibit ends on November 22nd.

Special thanks to Archival Arts Services for their generous donation of framing materials for the exhibit.

(Photo by Lindsay McCullough)

One Response to “Photo Camp at FotoWeek DC”

  1. Courtney Casey says:

    Kirsten, it is such extraordinary work that you do. Far reaching and forward thinking. You should feel very proud of all the opportunities for learning that you provide to children around the world. Often times, it is that initial glimpse of opportunity that allows children to begin to realize that their dreams CAN be achieved and their hopes CAN be realized. Vision Workshops can and does create opportunities and futures for children around the world, who would not have that chance without you. Quite amazing and powerful! Hopefully your work will continue on for years to come with the underserved children of the world.