What We Achieve

Perhaps the most effective way to understand VisionWorkshops’ achievements is to view our partner and student evaluations.  Here are some excerpts:

From our Students

“Photography is a way to perceive the world around you and speak to anyone and break language barriers.”

“Meeting people from other cultures has taught me to know more about the world.  It’s taught me to connect with other people, and how to share your emotions.”

“I think it took looking through the camera to make me stop and really see how beautiful the world around me is.”

“I went to places I never thought would be interesting and beautiful, which is my neighborhood, my friends and my family.”

“We spend so much of our days focusing on video games and television, not the beauty, quiet and still environment surrounding where we live.  Through this camp, my eyes have opened to a new world. I’ve learned to be more curious.”

“Meeting people from other cultures has taught me that you will not know how things look until you come closer to them. Then you will see a different picture that you can paint yourself by looking for light.”

From Our Partners

“Without a doubt, the (EARTH University Photo Camp) project had a major impact on the lives of the participants.  For our students the experience was incredibly enriching.  Not only did they learn to share their stories and experiences, but I believe that it increased their awareness of the social and environmental conditions here, and in the world.  I  believe that this experience will enhance their leadership skills as they have a new tool with which to make an impact in the nearby communities.
You are not only an incredibly talented group, but I was so impressed by your sensitivity, your values and your care for the people you interacted with.”

From Jose Zaglul
President, EARTH University, Costa Rica

“The Photo Camps we ran together in Uganda and in Jordan were stunning successes in every way. The implementation of the projects was tremendously beneficial to the refugee children whom we serve – and to our own ability as a humanitarian organization to understand and better address their needs in the long-term. Following completion of the workshops, we successfully launched exhibits around the world that brought widespread attention – media and otherwise – to the plight of these children and to the good work that both of our organizations are doing. I am gratified that the children’s desire to share their stories with a wide audience was fulfilled, and then some.”

From Margaret Aguirre
Global Media Strategist
International Medical Corps