National Geographic Photo Camp

What is National Geographic Photo Camp?

Advisory Board member and Technical Director Jim Webb, and editor Pierre Kattar produced this piece to answer that question.

National Geographic Photo Camp – A Quick Introduction! from VisionWorkshops on Vimeo.

In June of 2012 NGPC partnered with Baltimore City Community College’s Refugee Youth Project, University of Maryland Baltimore County’s Shriver Center and Department of Visual Arts, and the Crane Family Foundation for a 4-day camp with Burmese and Eritrean refugee teenagers now living in a suburb of Baltimore City.  These kids were mentored in audio visual storytelling to share their view on what it’s like to make a home in a new country.

In January of 2012, NGPC partnered with Qatar Foundation International during a cultural exchange pairing 22 high school students from Qatar with students from an Arabic language school in Brazil during a 10-day exploration of Doha, Qatar.  Here is one of the resulting videos- a compilation born of the students images, videos, and journal entries, mentored by photographer Tyrone Turner.

In the spring of 2011, our first all-girl Photo Camp ventured to Smith Island, Maryland to document the disappearing islands of the Chesapeake Bay. Photographer Jay Kinghorn, the Technical Director for this camp, created this multimedia piece with the girls’ images.