Our Programs

VisionWorkshops partners with a wide variety of organizations to reach kids across the U.S. and internationally. Our programs include:

National Geographic Photo Camp

Since 2003, we have been contracted by the National Geographic Society to run National Geographic Photo Camp, a series of photography workshops for youth from underserved regions of the United States and around the world.  VisionWorkshops has implemented over 60 Photo Camps, from refugee settlements in Uganda and Jordan, to Native American reservations in Taos, NM and Pine Ridge, SD, to inner city neighborhoods in New York, Miami, Baltimore and Washington, D.C.  For a complete list of National Geographic Photo Camps and partnerships to date, please see NGPC sites and partners.

Crossing Borders

VisionWorkshops provides opportunities for young immigrants and refugees who have come to the United States from many different countries and backgrounds. Since 2001, we’ve organized photography and writing workshops and exhibitions for over 500 middle and high school students through our Crossing Borders series. With cameras, pens and journals in hand, we encourage these students to document their lives here in the United States and to learn about each other and about themselves. What these photographs and writings reveal is the story of a new generation of young Americans who are a rich blend of many distinct cultures.  Our goal is to create connections across cultural boundaries for youth on their journey toward adulthood, using the tools of photojournalism.

Special Projects

VisionWorkhops also partners with a variety of organizations to implement targeted programs for specific communities. We’ve run photography and writing workshops for the Juvenile Drug Treatment Court of Anne Arundel County through our Insights: the Identity Project” series.

Here students explore and document their own stories through the use of self-portraiture and writing. They exhibit their work and are given the opportunity to create and display positive images of themselves to their families and communities. Often, these young people are at a turning point in their lives, and the VisionWorkshops experience can have a lasting impression on their sense of identity and self worth.

We continue work on other projects as well, constantly seeking to develop and maintain sustainable, meaningful photojournalism experiences for youth from many backgrounds. Examples include our 2009 “I Am” workshops, connecting kids from Graham Road Elementary in Northern Virginia, and the Chande Orphanage School in Kitwe, Zambia, and our 2010 Pine Ridge VisionWorkshops camp for Native American reservation youth.