Ocean for Life

This summer, Photo Camp renewed its partnership with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) to provide the still photography component to a pilot program called Ocean for Life. The program consisted of 2 ten-day workshops in 2 locations (Florida and California) highlighting the marine sanctuaries in the regions. The participants were high school students from Western and Greater Middle Eastern countries. During the camps, students learned about the specific marine sanctuaries, visual documentation whether in still or video, and about each other, through cultural exchange. Photos from both programs follow.

004OFL09CAD1SJA390-sized (Photo by Samaah, Canada. OFL California)

OFL09FKD1MMO246-sized Shaezal, left, and Humaira. (Photo by Matt Moyer – staff. OFL Florida Keys)

OFL09FKD4TCL064-sized (Photo by Tamrynn, USA. OFL Florida Keys)

OFL09FKN3SBO046-sized (Self portrait by Sarah, Morocco. OFL Florida Keys)

017OFL09CAD1EFR338-sized (Photo by Erie, USA. OFL California)

229OFL09CAD2OMA188-sized (Photo by Omar, Jordan. OFL California)

To find out more about the program, check out the website: oceanforlife.org

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