NGPC Doha – Instructor Selects

National Geographic Photo Camp Doha instructor, Isabelle Carbonell, talks about two of her favorite photos here:

I was trying to dig into what I jokingly call my “calling the elephant in the room an elephant” theme, being “Women” in a country which does not represent women on photo or film easily. I did a fashion show for the one morning I had with the girls at the hotel. They brought out their makeup, one Brazilian girl (featured in this photograph) named Kharime, ran upstairs to get her fancy high heels – with immediate and resounding approval from the Qatari girls. She started to model her shoes off, and then I asked “Can we do that with an Abaya?” and one of the Qatari girls, Anood, immediately volunteered hers and gave it to Kharime to wear. Kharime then struggled on how to walk around with 5 inch heels and a lot of fabric around her, and the girls – both Brazilian and Qatari – were giving her advice and wrapping the sheila (the headscarf) around her head properly, and the whole thing turned into a big team effort to make Kharime look as Qatari as possible, and essentially, represent them on this photoshoot. The Qatari girls kept expressing over and over again, “Kharime! You look so Qatari! You could be Qatari!” Everyone loved the shoot, thought it was fun, and it was the most teamwork I’d seen from my team, and essentially in the end it was largely a work of culture – bridging two ideals of beauty into one.

National Geographic staffer and Doha mentor/instructor, Sadie Quarrier, writes of the above image:

This image is mysterious and powerful, graphically strong and nicely composed.¬† Light perfectly highlights just a hint of the woman’s face, hand and ankles. The hint of a pool, the light and shadows playing across the frame, and the interesting architecture behind her all make for a simple yet arresting image.


More images from the female students on Photo Camp Doha:


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