Instructor Lynn Johnson – Working to Help Koraput Survivors

Photo by Lynn Johnson

One of our fabulous Photo Camp instructors – photographer Lynn Johnson is working on this amazing project, PLEASE READ!!

Koraput Survivors Project

The attacks came in the night—in Daringbarhi, Koraput, Kandhamal, India—men armed with guns, machetes, fire. First the pastors were targeted, then any Christians who refused to convert back to Hinduism. All fled for their lives. Hundreds of villagers ran into the forest with nothing but their clothes and children, turning only to see their homes in flames. Then, the blur of days without food or water—running at night, hiding from mobs during the day, sleeping in the rain, coiled around their children.

In their native village, these families once prospered: proud of their homes, successful jobs, and access to good education. Now both men and women must work as day laborers, scraping for every grain of rice. Dozens of people share a room the size of a walk-in closet. People grow ill from contaminated water, poor food, no access to medicine, and the stress of living as unwelcome outliers. Nonetheless they cling to each other, knowing their power will come first from their faith, and then from the community they have forged as refugees. Several years have passed and the survivors of the attacks still remember. Mrs. Sumitra Patra, mother of three, will never forget rescuing her children,
“At night when I think of that time, the bed is soaked with tears.”

We are building a new village—one that will be safe for those who have suffered and a model of peace and justice for all. Please help us.

Working in collaboration with Community House Presbyterian Church.

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