All Roads Features NGPC Exhibition!!


Photo Camp Exhibition Featured at the All Roads Film Festival at National Geographic, Washington D.C.
Outdoor Courtyard

This photography exhibit features images from National Geographic Photo Camp, a program in which National Geographic photographers work with young people around the world to document their communities. Photos and writing by our students from the recent Haiti, Chad, and Baltimore, Maryland Photo Camps.

Grosvenor Auditorium, National Geographic Headquarters
12:00 p.m.
Photography Panel
“Highlighting Youth Voices”
Since 2003, National Geographic photographers and editors have been mentoring youth through National Geographic Photo Camp (NGPC). In this panel, NGPC instructors will speak about their experiences working with young photographers from around the world. Refugee teens from Myanmar (Burma), who participated in a 2012 NGPC in Baltimore, will also discuss using photography as a way to convey the challenges of adjusting to life far from home.
Panelists: Kirsten Elstner, Director of National Geographic Photo Camp
Kitra Cahana, National Geographic Photographer
Todd James, National Geographic Magazine Senior Photo Editor
Baltimore Photo Camp Students

A SPECIAL THANKS to our generous sponsors at Olympus and Adobe!

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