2010 National Geographic Photo Camp Series

Starting this weekend, VisionWorkshops kicks off our National Geographic Photo Camp 2010 series.

Our first camp of the year is on the island of Barbados. The staff includes Sam Abell, Matt Moyer, Kirsten Elstner and Jim Webb, and Katel LeDu and Susan Poulton will be teaching assistants along with some local volunteers, all in partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Barbados and the Barbados Museum. Starting March 27th, the team will work with high schoolers from villages around the island. Their photography and writing assignments will focus on themes of water scarcity and conservation.

In April, we’ll be in Biscayne, Florida, working with students from Homestead in partnership with BioBlitz. In June, we’ll be in Crimea partnering with Internews, working with students from the Crimean peninsula and mainland Ukraine as they explore the coastlines of the Black Sea. We’re planning on implementing a series of Photo Camps in Chad in partnership with the Academy for Educational Development later this year.

Check back here for more reports from the field, and see our program page for more information on, and photos from, NGPC.

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